Here's a note from Jeremy:

Palaemus was formed and joined the NMC in 2021 with a clear objective: developing novel ocean sensing technologies into mission-ready, integrated systems through technology transfer for our warfighters, researchers, and commercial maritime organizations. Through partnerships with academic research institutions, federal labs, and complementary businesses, we uncover cutting-edge technologies, bridging the “valley of death,” and mature them into the capabilities that will ensure our continued superiority and technological advantage at sea.

Our focus is in the domain of maritime sensing, and we are looking to partner with organizations developing technologies related to:

  • Undersea and cross-domain communications
  • Tactical and Physical Oceanography for battlespace awareness or weather prediction
  • Domain awareness in the littoral battlespace
  • Novel transducer technology
  • Object and environmental sensing
  • Expendable maritime sensing instruments
  • Survivable, persistent, autonomous, forward-operating systems

We are a growing ocean technology company and are expanding our capabilities over time. Customized to user needs, we offer the following technical and design capabilities:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Integration & Test
  • Subsea housing design
  • Mission critical/ruggedized electronics packaging
  • Thermal management
  • Sheet metal design
  • Electro- and opto-mechanical assemblies
  • Material and coating selection for marine applications
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Model-based definition, documentation, configuration management

We would welcome the opportunity to work with a fellow NMC member!  If you have a project, or would like to explore opportunities that leverage our capabilities, please contact Jeremy Reid at 336-803-1940 or [email protected].